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TRANSpassadxs is a 21 arts exhibit, between abstracts drawings and audiovisuals pieces, inspired in 10 trans people talk.  An open invite to immerse in sensible narratives, which tells about disobedient lives from the contemporary hegemonic CIStem.  


The abstract art, in this context, is the way to adapt, reframe and unfold life histories. This malleable characteristic from the abstract graphic enables (re)arrangements and (re)velation strategy by subjects. Each person bring your history, without script or censure, but we don’t know the faces, just your non listened voices. Use this poetic resource is to emphasize the life narratives, in the sensible building of a protected and confortable space. It’s a voice without a body construction, as a rupture of the body without voice’s oppressive logic.


In this movement, TRANSpassadxs proposes a concept (trans)formation, breaks the paradigms. For beyond de occupation, it’s a claim of artistic spaces and trans people representation in the contemporary society. An ARTEvista TRANSvyado speech, that open talks and connections from a sensible experimentations of Be/Ing human.

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